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NLP Training

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of models, tools and principles for peak performance, effective communication and behavioural flexibility. Training in NLP is like being granted access to the user’s manual for the brain; allowing you to actualise your full potential as well as to activate that potential in others. NLP shines a light on how language impacts neurology and how it can be used to influence, motivate and create positive changes in the behaviours and attitude of others.

The brilliance of NLP is that it can be applied to any field. Because NLP is a methodology that examines the relationship between language, behaviour, and thought patterns, NLP Practitioners are able to uncover and interrupt limiting patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour and replace these with better patterns and better strategies that elicit the desired results. Because these strategies can be found everywhere, NLP is applicable anywhere.


Hour of power

Benefits of NLP for your Business

• Improve your influence to achieve more
• Lead and motivate others
• Develop a vision – for yourself and/or the business • Enhanced Leadership skills
• Coach others to perform well
• Accomplish goals
• Handle tricky relationships
• Make effective change
• Recruit the best
• Retain valuable people
• Enhance performance
• Enhance creativity and innovation
• Motivate people
• Communicate effectively
• Enhance negotiation skills
• Improve customer service
• Increase sales



Benefits of NLP for your Employees

• Improved ability to reduce and manage stress

• Overcome limiting thought-patterns and beliefs

• Enhanced problem-solving skills
• Create better strategies for goal-setting
• Helps in decision-making process
• Improved self-esteem
• Improved confidence
• Remain calm under pressure
• Enhanced productivity
• Optimised mental state
• Maximise performance and outcomes

Why Anne Marie Morello

With an MSc in Existential Psychotherapy, a background in Education and a solid understanding of psychological profiling, Anne Marie works with both individual and corporate clients in Gibraltar and internationally. She has a warm, down-to-earth approach and she is passionately dedicated to the empowerment and resilient well-being of others. Anne Marie shares techniques based on cutting-edge Neuroscience, Psychosensory Modalities and Somatic Coaching. Her hope is that, sooner rather than later, we will leverage these formidable tools and techniques to empower individuals at all levels to independently manage their state of being. By sharing the keys that enable change, her clients become self-sourcing of confidence and resilience, allowing them to embody excellence.

Working with Anne Marie

Wow, Anne Marie...
I have been blown away by this course!
I am so glad I signed up to this! It has been such perfect timing.
I have never understood parts of myself as much as I have in this course. You are phenomenal Everything you’re sharing is hitting home so powerfully!

R Dewfall

Author and Coach

Anne Marie is down-to-earth, kind and funny with an incredible depth of knowledge of people and behaviours. Although we looked at complex issues and themes, she has the ability to break these down into really understandable pieces which are relevant to our lives. She created a space where we able able to reflect on what we wanted and we felt safe to express ourselves. I highly recommend her programmes and I’ll certainly be embarking on the next one.

Charlene Figueras

Senior Youth and Community Worker

Anne Marie has led me through such a wonderful month of cultivating clarity and calm. All of the practices allowed me to delve deeper into myself and to move forward in my life. This programme was just what I needed to re-focus and get back on track. Anne Marie was always friendly, welcoming and professional. I now feel reconnected with my personal goals.

L Costa



NLP Practitioner
NLP Business Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Master Business Practitioner

Working with Anne Marie has opened up my mind to practices that have allowed me to consciously look at how and why I begin and generate certain thought and emotion processes. I experienced valuable opportunities to consciously call back my power instead of being driven by my subconscious mind. I'm so excited to practice and integrate these techniques. Thank you, Anne Marie, from my heart.

Z Martinez

Teacher and Yoga Instructor


I recently found myself spiralling into fear and anxiety stemming from unresolved trauma. Anne Marie helped me to explore these feelings in a deep way. By the end of our session, it felt like more than just a weight lifting off my shoulders. The skeletons in the dark closet I once feared opening, I now welcomed like old friends. I was able to truly understand the root of my fear and anxiety as a place of love and grief: something I had never experienced or understood before. I was able to reframe the experience in a way that was enlightening, empowering and, importantly, kind to myself.

Anne Marie’s work ethic is is truly remarkable. I highly recommend her not only for her skill and professionalism but for her warmth and kindness.

G Chipol

Publishing Manager

Anne Marie is an exceptionally gifted facilitator who is warm and professional. I had an incredible session with her where she reconnected me with my strength and inner balance. She helped me navigate some deeply personal issues with grace and humour. For this I am eternally grateful.

Ian Lynch

Author and Coach

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