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Live Gloriously into your Power

Spiritual unfolding is often episodic and cyclical in nature. In a single lifetime you will slip into a multitude of incarnations - each of these distinct lives a stepping stone on your path to alignment with, and connection to, Source energy.

But the very essence of all transformation necessitates death and destruction: to fully evolve and transform, you must first die unto yourself before soul energy can ease into congruence.

And all change begins with a leap into the chasm of the infinite void where there is no certainty and where there are no assurances. For this reason, great resistance often ensues.


The word reverberates like a knell in the hollow awareness of the ego that operates on the basis of perspectival myopia. The ego focuses on what you stand to lose rather than on what you will gain; it prefers to retreat into the safety of known boundaries rather than to risk embracing the possibilities that lie in the unknown; it focuses on stagnation rather than on flow.

Thus, you are faced with two choices on the path to unfolding.

You could choose to endure the pain of watching the fruit of your wisdom plummet to the ground with a resounding thud; its skin ripped and parting like lips, its warm juices oozing out and, slowly, in serving no-one, decaying and disintegrating deep into the earth.

A living death.

Or you can surrender to the frantically flickering red tongues lashing at all that which no longer serves you - outdated thoughts, fears, beliefs, relationships, habits - that no longer serve your Soul in its journey of Becoming.

Although you may writhe and thrash and shriek, ultimately, there is no avoiding the inevitability of the ripening of the Self.

Because you are a creature of fire - ablaze with passion, creativity and a yearning for growth.

Alight the structures that you previously inhabited to create a new paradigm to live into. The flames will clear the way for you; burning the old impurities which block the seeds of possibility lying dormant within, allowing them to burst forth and to manifest as your living, breathing reality.

Although flowing with the flux of life can be uncomfortable, this discomfort is incomparable to the leaden anguish of inertia that siphons your energy away from the present in a futile attempt to reanimate the corpse of the past. The result: you will burn anyway. Because you are a creature of fire. If you choose stagnation instead of movement, you will feel consumed; overwhelmed. You will burn out if you choose to invest energy into maintaining the illusion of who you were as opposed to birthing the person who you are meant to be.

What would happen if you allowed the conflagration to illuminate the new path ahead? What would you achieve if you allowed the light to guide you beyond the fears that bind and constrain you to the ordinary? Who you would be if you lived gloriously into your power?

Change beckons.

Emerging from the smouldering flames and ashes of who you once were, emerges a new incarnation.

The dawn of endless possibilities awaits. The star-seed of your soul is ready to flourish.

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