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Step into your Power, Passion and Purpose

You have incredible potential to effect positive change in the world. And change starts with you in your life. 

The time is NOW.

Invest in yourself. Commit to yourself.Invest in your future.

Let's take the first step together.

Let's RISE together.

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This programme is for you if:

  • you’re ready to silence the voice of the inner critic that leaves you full of self-doubt

  • you’re done with the worry that no matter what you do, it never seems like it’s good enough

  • you want to create greater abundance in your life but you’re not quite sure how to go about it

  • you’re tired of questioning your self-worth and you’re ready to step into your potential now

  • you want to feel more confident so that you can create a bigger impact in your personal and professional life

  • you want the tools to be able to be able to manage the highs and lows of life with greater ease

  • you’re ready to find your voice and start speaking up for yourself

  • you know that you have all this potential to do good in the world but your fear keeps you playing small

  • you want to intentionally create your life but you’re not yet sure how to create those changes 

  • you’re ready to say goodbye to fear and hello to freedom

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The RISE programme includes:


6 guided meditations designed specifically for the group (join in live or watch on the replay) 2 hours in total worth £222    

6 wellbeing masterclasses (incorporating yoga philosophy) 6 hours worth £666

6 group EFT sessions (2 hours in total) join live or watch on the replay worth £222


6 group coaching calls 9 hours in total worth £999


6 Hatha yoga sessions and energy work 6 hours in total worth £66

6 Therapeutic writing sessions 3 hours in total worth £333

RISE also gets you


  • Access to 1-1 sessions for reduced price from £111 to £44

  • Accountability partner to keep you on track with your daily practices 


Value £2508

Early bird offer £333   Standard price £444

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