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Anne Marie Morello

The Well-being and Transformational Coach

Breakthrough Package

4 hrs 1:1 work with Anne Marie

Choose how you allocate your time:

4 x 1 hr sessions or

2 x 2 hr sessions or

2 x 1 1/2 hr sessions

+ 1 1 hr session

In these sessions we'll work with the following principles:

Focus on the pattern or structure of an issue rather than the issue itself

-  Challenge belief systems that do not serve your highest growth

- The brain does not distinguish between reality and vividly imagined reality

- Create new, positive templates for change (neuroplasticity) allowing you to create new habits 

- Empowerment

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Can you relate to any of these?​​​

- You've suffered from a traumatic event

- You feel shame/guilt about past events

- You fall into people-pleasing behaviours 

- You overthink things

- You often doubt yourself when you make a decision

- Your mind races from one idea to the next

- You find it difficult to say 'no'

- You suffer from physical and/or mental fatigue

- You suffer from digestive issues

- You have tendency to dwell on negative thoughts and past mistakes

- Your boundaries are too flexible and people take advantage of you/don't appreciate you

- You have difficulty sleeping

- You often think about worst-case scenarios / you catastrophise
- You experience the same kind of unhealthy dynamics in relationships
- You put everyone else's needs before your own

If you have said 'Yes' to any of the above, these sessions are for you.

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Hi, Everyone!

My name is Anne Marie and I'm an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master therapist, an EFT practitioner and a coach. I have a background in teaching and learning at secondary level and I'm coming to the end of an MSc in Existential Psychotherapy. I also have a diploma in counselling and I'm trained as a Hatha and Raja Yoga teacher. I'm also a writer and my work has been published with Elephant Journal and Rebelle Society.


My work is about setting you free. I think of it as emotional and psychological alchemy.

So many of us are haunted by negative experiences from the past (that we often project into the future), that we engage in coping mechanisms to neutralize those memories and, in doing so,  prove that we are lovable; that we are worthy.

I am here to remind you - on a deep level - that you already are.

Thanks to researchers in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), we now know that the cells in our body respond not only to changes in our external environment but also to changes in our internal environment.


That’s to say, your emotions, thoughts and feelings create changes at a cellular level.


Holding states of anger, anxiety, resentment, sadness, bitterness or guilt negatively influence not only your immune and nervous systems but the way in which all of your cells behave.


To bring about a state of holistic well-being, the ability to shift uncomfortable emotions (you know I don’t like to categorise emotions as negative or positive, I prefer to call them comfortable or uncomfortable) and to rebalance your system is vital.


Enter NLP and EFT. Cue flourish of trumpets.


EFT is a simple yet powerful too that works with both the mind and the body - or the ‘bodymind’ to use Dr Candace Pert’s terminology - to bring about a state of balance.

EFT is an incredibly powerful modality that can create significant shifts in your state. It's wonderful for anxiety and I couldn't be without it in my practice.

NLP is an equally powerful modality. It offers a fresh and exciting approach that analyses the pattern or structure of an issue rather than the issue itself.  Once these unconscious processes are made conscious, new, positive templates for change are "installed" allowing you to create new habits to move forward in your life so that you can experience all the happiness, success and fulfilment that you deserve.

NLP creates a space that allows you to move past any mental blocks that have, up to now, been causing you pain and suffering. As you move through the process, a deep sense of personal realisation, acceptance and peace ensues.

It’s truly beautiful and liberating work.

Sessions are basically a detox for the mind, where toxic patterns and beliefs are purged and replaced with ones that will nourish you and allow you to step into your fullest potential.

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Natalie, Massetti, Teacher

In all honesty, I had my reservations about EFT. However, I’m so glad I gave it a chance. 

Anne could tell I was apprehensive from the start, and immediately began to soothe my nerves, intuitively tapping and speaking in soft, reassuring tones. To my surprise, I felt myself relax (body and mind). 

As the session progressed we traversed areas I had never expected ever to vocalise, let alone resolve. Anne was extremely patient, intuitive and serene, throughout the entire session. She guided me through, instinctively knowing where to go next, and was unafraid of exploring those dark, dusty corners I would have left well alone, breaking down barriers I would have been happy to ignore for the rest of my life. Naturally, it yielded an extremely emotional response, yet I was completely comfortable in front of Anne, and I was left with a sense of deep release. 

When the session was over I felt empowered and resilient, and certainly lighter than I’d felt in years. From not truly believing that this would work, I left walking on air. This was not a feeling that was short lived, but lasted and I still feel I can ‘tap’ back into whenever I need to. In many ways, it was a turning point in my life, it allowed me to reframe my thoughts and gave me a revived confidence in myself, and for this I will always be extremely grateful.

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Gabriella Chipol, Student

In these troubling times of unprecedented stress, I found myself spiraling into emotions of fear and anxiety which, inherently, stemmed from unresolved traumas I had never fully come to terms with. 

Through the processes of EFT and NLP, Anne helped me to explore these feelings in a deepening way, peeling back the layers of emotions that were riddled under the surface of my fear and anxiety. By the end of the session, it felt more than just a weight lifting off my shoulders. The skeletons in the dark closet I once feared opening, I now welcomed like that of an old friend. NLP/EFT enabled me to truly understand the root of my fear and anxiety as a place of love and grief: something I had never experienced or understood before. I was able to reframe my thoughts in a way that was enlightening, empowering and, importantly, kind to myself. 

Anne’s work ethic is one that is truly remarkable and enlightening. I highly recommend her not only for her skill and professionalism  but her kindness.

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Kelly Anne Robles Koubida, Nurse

 I can confidently say that Anne is a great teacher (they must certainly miss her at her previous employment!), the way that she guides you step by step, explaining all techniques in ways that we can all understand and make sense of is a godsend (or universe-send, etc, all is one to me). 
I felt relaxed, energised & empowered simultaneously 😊 
The EFT is extremely effective, within minutes, irritating triggers that scaled 5/6 would go down to a 2/3. Deep breathing, especially 3 part deep breathing is something i have practised for years now and is my go to whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed. Combined with the EFT leaves me even more at ease 😄 
Meditations also have a great impact, especially when practised regularly (which tbh i had not been doing over the last few yrs, at least not consistently). 
I have said it before and I shall say it again, I do not believe in coincidences. I believe the universe has drawn me to her because I needed a push (more like a great big shove) in the right direction! 
Thank you for being you Anne, for your calmness, guidance, compassion, understanding and so much more! 🙏

Why work with me

Incredible Client Feedback

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Are you ready to:

- Tap into a sense of calm

- Make choices out of faith rather than fear

- Tap into an increased sense of confidence 

- Move closer towards having a healthy work/life balance

- Take positive steps to live life to the fullest

- Experience the joy of the present moment

- Tap into greater inner peace and harmony


What are you waiting for?

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Breakthrough Package


What can I expect from these sessions?


Focus on the pattern or structure of an issue rather than the issue itself.


Whether it's trauma, anxiety or depression, every issue has a structure to it. Unravelling the structure of the issue at hand is an organic process that is revealed through the use of questions. By making conscious these previously unconscious patterns you'll be able to understand how feelings are created which is incredibly empowering. After these sessions you'll be able to better manage your states of being and to shift out of disempowering states and into empowering states quickly. This is a game-changer.

Challenge belief systems that do not serve your highest growth


We are the creators of our own reality. Neuroscience has shown that stimuli that we receive through our senses is first filtered through our BS (belief systems ;) ). The information we receive is deleted distorted and generalised according to your beliefs. Your experience of reality, then, is in line with your prior predictions of the world. Shift your predictions and you can shift your experience of the world.

The brain does not distinguish between reality and vividly imagined reality


This is an absolute game changer. Dr Richard Bandler co-creator of NLP (who is also a physicist and a mathematician) discovered that the coding for the brain is through the senses. In light of this, you'll learn how your create uncomfortable emotions, what to do to shift them and how to create the more pleasurable emotions of joy, love, peace, confidence, fulfilment and bliss. 

Create new, positive templates for change (neuroplasticity) allowing you to create new habits 

Through the use of questions and guided visualisations, you'll create new neural pathways connected to the states of being that you want. By nurturing these new connections you'll strengthen these new networks while the old networks connecting to problems states will be pruned - if you don't use it, you lose it!


My work is about setting you free. I see it as emotional, psychological and soulful alchemy. The shifts created during these sessions will allow you to move forward in your life so that you can experience all the happiness, success and fulfilment that you deserve.


What are you waiting for?

How are these sessions different to regular counselling ?

While I honour the space the counsellors hold for their clients and I honour that it can be incredibly uplifting to have someone bear witness to your struggles, neuroscience has shown that repeating stories about your struggles and strife only serves to strengthen the neural networks connected to the very feelings that you're trying to shift.


Moreover, you cannot treat trauma through talking therapies like counselling.

Below are some of the main differences between a counselling session and my NLP/EFT sessions.

Counselling               NLP

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 2.48.05 PM.png

Is problem-focused

Is solution-focused

Focuses on the content

of the problem

Focuses on the structure

of the problem

Cannot resolve trauma

Can recode trauma

Repetition of the problem strengthens the neural networks connected to the state that you DON"T want to feel

Creates new neural networks connected to the state that you WANT to feel through use of questions and guided visualisations

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