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Wouldn't it be great to be able to handle the challenges that life throws at you without feeling rattled and instead respond from a place of security, fulfilment and calm?

You work hard. You take pride in what you do. You're ambitious. And you kick ass. You're responsible and you're respected.

From the outside your life looks great. You have your career, your family, your holidays but there's a gnawing, clawing craving for life to feel different.

It's not that you don't experience moments of joy or excitement or calm. It's just that when you do they're so ... fleeting. Your default setting is stuck on GO GO GO. It would be equally accurate to say your default setting is stuck on GIVE GIVE GIVE; you're a chronic giver.


You know you'd massively benefit if you did. You're just caught in that GO GIVE loop which means that:

- Your life feels chaotic

- You're plagued by bouts of anxiety 

- You often think about worst-case scenarios / you catastrophise when a situation is out of your control ("What if the plane crashes and we all die?" "What if [insert name of your child] breaks their leg?" "What if we have a freak accident? Where's the nearest hospital?")

- You suffer from neck, shoulder and/or back pain

- You either forget to eat or you overeat

- Your personal relationships are starting to suffer

- You're easily irritated

- You sweep uncomfortable feelings under the rug and do your best to keep calm and carry on

- You suffer from digestive issues

- You feel like you're carrying too much


When you're grounded in calm you're more likely to be even-minded, empathetic and generous towards others making you a better boss, a better parent, a better partner and, ultimately, a better person.

Your 2 million year-old brain isn't designed to make you happy. It's designed to make you survive; to keep you safe.

But if you're not able to take control of your emotional brain and, by extension, your nervous system, you're in for a bumpy ride.


I get it.

I know it’s easy to get swept up by the constant waves of stress that have you juggling a career, your family life and other commitments.

I know it can be challenging to find the time to carve out a consistent practice for yourself.

But if you don't invest the time and energy into running your life on your own terms, your external circumstances will run you.

If you feel like you're carrying too much it's because you are. Over time, the impact of stress "stacks" in your system; it compounds. Which means that rest isn't enough. You know that because when you get back from a holiday you feel much the same when you step back into your regular routine as you did before your break: It's as if you never left.

Enter: Cultivating Calm in the Age of Anxiety 

Consider this a reset for your system. I'll be sharing tools and techniques based on cutting-edge Neuroscience to empower you to actively manage your state of being and, in doing so, to restore a sense of peace and vitality to your life. Over the course of 3 months, you'll develop a consistent practice that will allow you to step into a new way of being.


Consider this an opportunity to re-vision the movie of your life. Grant yourself permission to edit the parts that don't sit so well with you and create the story you'd love to live out. 

I know it can be tough to make these changes by yourself (I've been there - #baptismoffire) - which is why I'm here to be your guide.

Come and join me.

When your body is in a constant state of stress it sensitises your brain to the negative; making it velcro for fear, frustration and dissatisfaction. The more consistently you're able to bring yourself into a state calm, the more you're able to stay centred, contented and connected: your brain becomes velcro for the good.

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“Anne Marie is down-to-earth, kind and funny with an incredible depth of knowledge of people and behaviours. Although we looked at complex issues and themes, she has the ability to break these down into really understandable pieces which are relevant to our lives. She created a space where we able able to reflect on what we wanted, re-energise ourselves and ultimately love and accept ourselves. I highly recommend her programmes and I’ll certainly be embarking on the next one.”


Charlene Figueras

Senior Youth and Community Worker 

Cultivating Calm in the Age of Anxiety

Pay in full £675

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or with 3 monthly instalments of £250


Cultivating Calm in the Age of Anxiety 

In this 3 month programme you'll learn how to:

* intentionally tap into states of calm using simple, practical and evidence-based techniques

* develop greater resilience in the landscape of your mind

* reset and rewire your nervous system for less stress and more calm, peace and enjoyment.

We'll take it in 3 steps:

1. Reset 

2. Revitalise

3. Re-vision


This programme is designed to teach you a different experience of being.

It's for those who choose calm over worry;

For those who choose courage over fear;

Playful curiosity over anxiety;

Peace over chaos.

The 3 modules include simple, practical and evidence-based strategies to help you work through each part of your process.

They are designed to support you at every step of the way. When you're grounded in calm you're more likely to be fair-minded, compassionate and generous towards others making you a better boss, a better parent, a better partner and, ultimately, a better person.

Here’s what we'll cover: 

Month 1: Reset

1. Safety, Satisfaction, Connection 

2. Meeting the Inner Committee 

3. Befriending the Inner Committee 

4. Bringing Calm to the TABLE 

Month 2: Re-vitalise

5. Mining for Treasure

6. Choices 

7. Taking in the Good

8. Expanding the Good

Month 3: Re-vision

9. Self-coaching

10. The Field of Dreams

11. Re-storying your Life

12. Practice makes Permanent 

*Please note that weekly themes may change in response to your questions and needs.

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"Anne Marie's workshops are not only soul-enriching but fun and insightful. The sessions helped me feel renewed and centred. They also helped me regain my confidence and my peace. I have to say I've enjoyed every minute of them​ and would recommend her to anyone who's interested in digging deep."

Kim Soiza, SENCo

Cultivating Calm in the Age of Anxiety will help you to:

- Establish a regular practice that helps ground you

- Enhance feelings of joy and happiness

- Learn how to generate states of peace and calm

- Create greater focus and clarity

​- Take positive steps to live life to the fullest in the present moment

- Get into habits that will nourish you as opposed to deplete you

- Approach situations that you can't control with playful curiosity

- Regain a sense of easefulness, energy and vitality in your body

- Experience greater enjoyment

- Feel lighter 

Experience a greater sense of trust in Life

- Feel safe to allow the full expression of all your feelings to come up

- Approach new situations with enthusiasm

"Anne Marie's programmes are not only soul-enriching and deep but fun and insightful. Everything she shared was so interesting and the practices left me feeling renewed and centred. Much needed in these crazy times. The programme has definitely helped me reclaim confidence and peace and I've enjoyed every minute of it."

Kim Soiza, SENCo

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"Attending Anne Marie's workshop opened my mind to practices that allow me to consciously look at how and why I generate certain thought and emotional processes. I experienced valuable opportunities to consciously call back my power instead of being driven by my subconscious mind. I'm so excited to practice and integrate these techniques. Thank you, Anne Marie, from my heart."

Zoe Martinez, Teacher and Yoga Instructor

How it breaks down:

- 12 x 90 min workshops Thursdays 6.30pm - 8pm CEST (There is a possibility that there will be 2 sessions/week depending on numbers and timezones).

- 12 x printable workbooks + work sheets

A private Facebook Group 

- Extra bite-size videos outlining key techniques

- Journalling prompts 

- Printable weekly calendar

- Option to have an accountability partner

Cultivating Calm in the Age of Anxiety

Pay in full £675

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or with 3 monthly instalments of £250

About Me

Anne Marie is dedicated to the healing, empowerment and resilient well-being of others. Her goal is to share tools and techniques based on cutting-edge Neuroscience to empower others to actively manage their state of being and, in doing so, to restore vitality to their lives.


Based on her training in Neuroscience, Psychosensory Therapies and Somatic Coaching she works from the premise that nervous system dysregulation is at the root of almost every issue concerning mental or emotional well-being including anxiety, depression and addictive and stress-related conditions. By focusing on the root cause of an issue, she can facilitate powerful and lasting changes in the brain bringing about a coherence in the nervous system from which the states of clarity, contentment and satisfaction can flow. 


Her hope is that, sooner rather than later, we will be leveraging these formidable tools to empower others to actively manage their state of being and, in doing so, to generate greater optimism, fulfilment and vitality in all areas of life.

Anne Marie is an educator, coach, facilitator and integrative therapist who specialises in nervous system regulation. She is an Advanced Accredited EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Master and a certified Havening practitioner. Anne Marie has over a decade of experience as an educator and she has an MSc in Existential Psychotherapy as well as a diploma in Counselling. She also has an extensive background in Yoga; she has been teaching and developing her yoga practice since 2005. 

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Cultivating Calm in the Age of Anxiety

Pay in full £675

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or with 3 monthly instalments of £250

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