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through movement, meditation

and mindful journalling



A 28-day Online Programme

1st February - 28th February





Anne Marie Morello

The Quantum Transformation Coach



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As you continue to ride the waves 2021 is generating are you ready to:

- Establish a regular practice that helps ground you

- Enhance feelings of joy and happiness

- Learn how to generate states of peace and calm

- Create greater focus and clarity

​- Take positive steps to live life to the fullest in the present moment

- Get into habits that will nourish you as opposed to deplete you

- Adopt a more positive frame of mind

- Feel a greater connection to yourself


I'm excited to join you in intentionally cultivating

coherence, connection and calm.

Can you relate to any of these?​

- Your mind is unruly and engages in acts of self-sabotage

- You know that you have all this potential to do good in the world but your fear pushes you to cling to your invisibility cloak

- You're craving more routine in your day (aren't we all with lockdown!)

- You'd like to make more time for yourself

- You overthink things and end up playing it safe

- You know you can make a difference but you feel blocked

- You lack focus throughout the day which stops you from being as productive as you could be

- Your mind races from one idea to the next

- You're stressed out A LOT

- You suffer from physical and/or mental fatigue

- You experience a low-lying anxiety throughout the day

- You have tendency to dwell on negative thoughts and past mistakes

- You often think about worst-case scenarios / you catastrophise

If you have said 'Yes' to one or more of these statements, this programme is for you.

I get it.

It’s easy to get swept away by the constant busy-ness of a 9-5, family life and other commitments.

Before you know it, you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and defeated and you’re not even sure why.

And, if like me, you're in the middle of a lockdown and trying to homeschool as well as run your own business, you KNOW how important it is to carve out time for yourself - even if it feels really hard.

Remember, whether you're in lockdown or not, if you don’t get intentional about the life you want, your life will run you.

And you know that’s not a good place to be.

That’s the beauty of creating a routine where you factor in time to nurture and support yourself.

Self care doesn't have to take hours. It doesn't even have to be every day - though it sure is nice to have the opportunity.

I believe strongly in the power of intentional self-creation.

I believe that, through your choices and beliefs, you create your reality.

I believe that you’re THAT powerful.

But how often do you gift yourself the time to pause so you can deliberately reflect on the direction that your life is taking?

In this 28-day programme, for just £1.68 a day, you’ll have the opportunity to come home to yourself each day through the vehicles of meditation, movement and mindful journalling.

Come and join me in a safe space that promotes deep self-connection and the opportunity to share your reflections with others within the community.

Your power lies in your ability to pause, reflect and take aligned action in the direction of your values.

I'll see you there :-)

Remember who you are xx

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When life is fast-paced, make your movements s-l-o-w.


With the right awareness, you can savour the depth of each posture and explore the impact of the engagement of certain muscles or muscle groups in a pose.


When you're fully immersed in the experience, your practice becomes a moving meditation - a tonic for mind, body and soul.


Truthfully, any task in which you are fully present can become a meditative practice.

Yoga is a practice that grounds you into the present moment and encourages you to cultivate an attitude of curiosity around the bodily sensations and emotions that arise.


A regular yoga practice primes the autonomic nervous system to become more adaptive and helps you self-regulate.

Yoga has been my go-to for over 15 years. I always feel uplifted and rejuvenated after my practice - even if I don't have much time on my hands.



Meditation is an exercise in training your awareness - it allows the mind to become one-pointed.


Instead of allowing your mind to jump from one thought to another, to another, to another  - as it’s usually used to doing -  you gently guide it back to the present moment and to whatever you’d like to focus on.


And it’s this bringing it back, this shift from allowing the mind to do whatever it wants to getting it to do what you’d like it to do and changing its focus that creates neuroplasticty.

It's this practice of bringing the mind back that can:

- Lengthen your attention span;

- Improve your memory;

- Help you feel calmer; and

- Create more clarity.

And when you combine this with techniques from neuroscience, breath work and a dash of quantum magic, what you'll experience are healing bombs rather than meditations.


Writing has been instrumental in my own journey of soulful self-development.

Writing is a deeply transformative process.⁣

It provides the opportunity for uprooting and etherizing unconscious impulses — your demons — laying them bare on the operating table of the page, dissecting them with the incisive scalpel of your intellect and healing them with the compassion that arises upon re-reading.⁣

Writing allows you to activate your inner rebel, so you can break free from the blocks that have been enslaving you, as you finally heed the voice of wisdom that comes from within.⁣

I'm excited to see where this takes you.

Here's to your intentional self-creation! 

All the action will take place online via our private Facebook group.

What you'll get:

- 5 x 20 min sessions a week. On each day you'll take part in either a guided meditation, a yoga sequence or a mindful journalling exercise. There is no obligation to take part in all 5 sessions. Go with whatever works for you.

- Join in at 6.30am CEST when the videos are released or watch the replay. All videos will be saved in the group for you to access at any time

- A community of like-minded people.

- A safe space to discuss learnings and insights.

- The science that underpins the practices of meditation, yoga and mindful journalling.

- Extra journalling prompts for the avid writers among us.

All for just £47 / £1.68 a day.

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Natalie Massetti, Teacher

In all honesty, I had my reservations. However, I’m so glad I gave it a chance. 

Anne could tell I was apprehensive from the start, and immediately began to soothe my nerves, intuitively tapping and speaking in soft, reassuring tones. To my surprise, I felt myself relax (body and mind). 

As the session progressed we traversed areas I had never expected ever to vocalise, let alone resolve. Anne was extremely patient, intuitive and serene, throughout the entire session. She guided me through, instinctively knowing where to go next, and was unafraid of exploring those dark, dusty corners I would have left well alone, breaking down barriers I would have been happy to ignore for the rest of my life. Naturally, it yielded an extremely emotional response, yet I was completely comfortable in front of Anne, and I was left with a sense of deep release. 

When the session was over I felt empowered and resilient, and certainly lighter than I’d felt in years. From not truly believing that this would work, I left walking on air. This was not a feeling that was short lived, but lasted and I still feel I can ‘tap’ back into whenever I need to. In many ways, it was a turning point in my life, it allowed me to reframe my thoughts and gave me a revived confidence in myself, and for this I will always be extremely grateful.

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Gabriella Chipol, Student

Wow. I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop today. The session was incredibly effective and powerful. By the end I was so blissed out I was basically speechless! I'm feeling such clarity and peace over my state of being. I'll definitely be joining again.

Anne’s work ethic is one that is truly remarkable and enlightening. I highly recommend her not only for her skill and professionalism but her kindness.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 3.13.50 PM.png

Kelly Anne Robles Koubida, Nurse

 I can confidently say that Anne is a great teacher (they must certainly miss her at her previous employment!), the way that she guides you step by step, explaining all techniques in ways that we can all understand and make sense of is a godsend (or universe-send, etc, all is one to me). 
I felt relaxed, energised & empowered simultaneously 😊 
The EFT and meditation are extremely effective, within minutes, irritating triggers that scaled 5/6 would go down to a 2/3. Deep breathing, especially 3 part deep breathing is something i have practised for years now and is my go to whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed. Combined with the EFT leaves me even more at ease 😄 
Meditations also have a great impact, especially when practised regularly (which tbh i had not been doing over the last few yrs, at least not consistently). 
I have said it before and I shall say it again, I do not believe in coincidences. I believe the universe has drawn me to her because I needed a push (more like a great big shove) in the right direction! 
Thank you for being you Anne, for your calmness, guidance, compassion, understanding and so much more! 🙏



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    Positive change begins with investing in yourself

Invest in calm.

Invest in positivity.

Invest in peace.

HURRY - there are a limited number of places available and at

JUST £47 they're sure to fly!

Grab your spot now.

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