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In our Breakthrough Session we can clear 1-2 specific blocks that have been causing you emotional pain or stifling your progress. We will dive deep to recode specific events, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs using a range of somatic modalities. By re-regulating your nervous system you'll be able to:

- regain a sense of trust in yourself and others

- experience increased confidence 

- feel at home in your body

- experience peace

90 mins 

Hour of power



These sessions allow for clearing of long-standing issues as well as for issues whose cause is not necessarily clear-cut: for example, anxiety, depression, physical pain, traumatic bereavement, addiction issues and clearing long-standing beliefs such as not feeling good enough. 

Committing to  a Breakthrough Package is a powerful way to create significant, long-lasting shifts in your life. We will dive deep to recode as many blocks as we can, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs to infuse your life with a renewed sense of vitality, acceptance, confidence and peace.




4.5 hours (over 3 sessions)


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