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Releasing Fear

The first of a series of 4 workshops integrating the wisdom of neuroscience, energy psychology, yoga and astrology.

1. Releasing Fear 

2. Healing the Inner Child 

3. Making Peace with the Past

4. Shadow Work: The Path of Self-transformation


Anne Marie Morello

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Releasing Fear is for you if:

- You want to cultivate a deeper self-awareness

- You have an interest in astrology but you don't really know too much about it

 - You're fascinated by the crossover between timeless, ancient teachings and modern science

- You're interested in more than just theory - you want to experience the wisdom of the teachings in a practical way

- You want to learn how to do your own inner work independently according to your unique energy signature

- You deeply believe that doing the inner work is the key to emotional freedom

- You know that a commitment to doing the inner work benefits everyone that you come into contact with

Can you relate to any of these?​

- Your mind is unruly and engages in acts of self-sabotage

- You know that you have all this potential to do good in the world but your fear pushes you to cling to your invisibility cloak

- You overthink things and end up playing it safe

- You know you can make a difference but you feel blocked

- You lack focus throughout the day which stops you from being as productive as you could be

- Your mind races from one idea to the next

- You're stressed out A LOT

- You suffer from physical and/or mental fatigue

- You experience a low-lying anxiety throughout the day

- You have tendency to dwell on negative thoughts and past mistakes

- You often think about worst-case scenarios / you catastrophise


If you have said 'Yes' to one or more of these statements, this workshop is for you.

"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing.
    Love is knowing I am everything.
My life flows somewhere between the two."

     Nisargadatta Maharaj




21st Sept
6.15pm - 8.45pm CET
via Zoom



28th Sept
6pm -8.30pm CET
via Zoom




5th Oct

6pm - 8.30pm CET
via Zoom



12th Oct

6pm - 8.30pm CET
via Zoom

In-person workshops to be announced soon.

Book all 4 workshops for £80

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I don’t need to tell you that the collective fear we’ve experienced in the past 18 months has been off the scale.


But I do need to remind you that this fear activates the most primitive part of your brain - which is all about SURVIVAL. 


I need to remind you that this fear dysregulates your nervous system.


And I need to remind you that when you’re in survival mode you cannot access higher order states of wisdom, conscientiousness and connection. When you’re in survival mode you to respond to whatever’s going on in your life via the mechanisms of your fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses.


In the short term, this survival response serves you well - you fight off whatever you need to fight off or run the f*ck away and then stop, rest and come back into a state of balance. 


But many of us have been in survival mode for the past 18 months - at least.


In the long-term, this creates the conditions for:





😱and even depression to take root.


The good news is that you can shift this energy. You can release fear. And you can do it in a way that honours your unique constitution. 


In my up-coming workshop on Releasing Fear we’ll integrate the wisdom of neuroscience, energy psychology and yoga with the wisdom of your astrological chart to find practices that will work specifically for you and your personality-type.


You’ll be guided through a series of practices that will help to bring you into a state of release so that:


🌀amidst the chaos, you can find calm; 

🌀amidst bombardments of judgement, you can find peace; 

🌀amidst unpredictability and uncertainty, you can be resolute in your sense of self; and

🌀amidst the energetic eddies of the external world, you can find the clarity of stillness.

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Kim Soiza,

Anne Marie's workshops are not only soul-enriching and deep but fun and insightful. The techniques leave you feeling renewed and centred. I have enjoyed every minute. They've definitely helped me regain my confidence and inner peace and I'd recommend them to anyone who is interested in digging deep and unleashing their truest potential.

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Zoe Martinez, Yoga Instructor + Teacher

Attending Anne Marie's workshop opened my mind to practices that allow me to consciously look at how and why I begin and generate certain thought and emotion processes. I experienced valuable opportunities to consciously call back my power instead of being driven by my subconscious mind. I'm so excited to practice and integrate these techniques. Thank you, Anne Marie, from my heart.

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Kelly Koubida Robles,

I can confidently say that Anne is a great teacher: the way that she guides you step by step, explaining all techniques in ways that we can all understand and make sense of is a godsend (or universe-send, all is one to me).  I have said it before and I shall say it again, I do not believe in coincidences. I believe the universe has drawn me to her because I needed a push (more like a great big shove) in the right direction!  Thank you for being you Anne, for your calmness, guidance, compassion, understanding and so much more! 

Yoga by the Sea

"We all attract what we need, even if we don't know we need it."

Jeffrey Wolfe Green


Hi, Everyone!

My name is Anne Marie and I'm an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master, a fully accredited EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and a certified coach. I have an MSc in Existential Psychotherapy and over 15 years' experience as a yoga instructor. With over a decade of experience as an educator, I also have a diploma in counselling and I'm a writer - my work has been featured in Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society as well as in local magazines. For the past couple of years, I've been studying Astrology and I've been blown away by the insights it's given me.

In these workshops, I'd love to share how you can blend and integrate all these incredible tools and I hope that they inspire you and bring you the same healing and comfort in these challenging times as they've brought me.

You see, since I started on my own journey of healing back in 2004, I've learnt that incredible opportunities for growth and expansion lie at the heart of crises


Because it's at the heart of crises that we have the opportunity to seed deep soul wisdom. When we have the courage to shine a light on the parts of ourselves whose banishment makes us feel safe, our courage transforms us.

My aim is to share with you how you can harness the energies of fear, shame, anger, doubt, betrayal, sadness and regret and make them work  FOR you.


The truth is that every single experience has the potential to nourish your growth.

Everything is medicine - whether we like the taste of it or not.

May the work we do always be in the service of humanity.


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