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Welcome to my website. I'm so happy to have you here.

What do you need to shift? Are you anxious or depressed? Has something been weighing you down for way too long? Do you feel like you've lost direction in your life? Are you stuck in rut?

My work is about setting you free. I think of it as emotional and psychological alchemy.

So many of us are haunted by negative experiences from the past (that we often project into the future), that we engage in coping mechanisms to neutralize those memories and, in doing so,  prove that we are lovable; that we are worthy.

As a Master of Integrative Therapies and a certified coach, I am here to remind you - on a deep level - that you already are.

Let me help you say goodbye to stress, anxiety, depression, doubt, grief, fear, anger, resentment and let me teach you the tools and techniques to make happiness, peace, courage, determination, confidence and positivity more permanent fixtures in your life.

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Happy people

Anne Marie has had such a positive impact on my life, it’s hard to explain how much.

I had many traumatic memories and struggles to work through and about 12 months ago, I knew I had to make a change. My usual approach was to bottle things up and to carry on. But things came to a head and, without Anne Marie’s guidance and amazing skill set, I don’t know if I would still be here today.

Thank you, Anne Marie.



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"Magic is no more than a change in consciousness. "

Jamie Sams