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Harness the power of the brain-body connection to amplify your impact on your clients

Hello! I'm Anne Marie.  

Trainer, Educator and Therapist

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Whether you're looking to develop your professional skills, you're venturing into a new career or you're dedicated to personal growth, becoming a certified NLP practitioner will elevate your skillset to a whole new level.


As an experienced educator, I invite you to unlock the full spectrum of benefits that NLP training brings to your professional toolkit: 


  • Gain mastery in communication

  • Cultivate a profound understanding of human behaviour and

  • Refine your ability to navigate diverse professional scenarios. 

Because the emphasis is always on real-world applicability, you'll find that the learning transcends the confines of the workplace and extends into every facet of your life. 


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Happy people


This programme has been so enlightening. I loved the exploration of the mind and body connection. Besides the theory, I found myself making constant associations to thought patterns, behaviours and emotions that myself or people close to me have and actually being able to constructively appraise them. I found out things about myself and others. It helped me understand why I act in the way I do and what motivates the behaviour of others.


One of the most useful things I found is that besides the cognitive and behavioural aspects there are ways to access the wisdom of the body to create deep, positive change. I loved the affirmations and some of the sayings that you shared throughout the course. I found it extremely useful that the assignments we had to do were based on real-life situations and we were encouraged to apply our knowledge in actual cases.


I would love to learn more how after we overcome the SUDs we go on building more on the SUWs. Your work is very empowering and your teaching style is very engaging. You’ve made me want to investigate psychology on a deeper level. Thank you for your contribution to my growth.

Z, Mavrogianni 

Acupuncturist and former Marketing Director

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